Apply Today to Earn Your Masters in Sport Management at the University of Indianapolis

Do you want to become a leader in a college or university athletics department? Then apply today to the University of Indianapolis Master of Science in Sport Management program.

Our program focuses on intercollegiate athletics and is located in Indianapolis, the "Amateur Sports Capital of the World." We provide our students with the curriculum, experiential learning, and networking opportunities needed to increase their marketability for eventual employment in intercollegiate athletics administration. We match our students with a personal mentor to help them learn, grow and jump-start their career. These Indianapolis leaders are from the NCAA, various conference offices, and university athletics departments, who serve as valuable sources of advice and professional development for our students. Indianapolis offers a wide variety of networking opportunities. It is home to the NCAA, universities and conference offices from all 3 NCAA division levels and various sport governing bodies. Students in this program have the opportunity to meet and work with practitioners who possess a wide variety of experiences and contacts.

The University of Indianapolis Master of Science in Sport Management program is currently accepting applications for its August 2015 cohort.

Learn more about our program, admission requirements and how to apply by visiting our website.

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Unforgettable experience

UIndy graduate, Chase Stouder finished his internship for the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), and accepted a full-time position with the IHSAA. The Administration of Athletics course taught by Michael Sipe led Stouder to the realization that he wanted to work in high school athletics. Sipe is a former High School Athletic Director, and Stouder credits Sipe with teaching him about high school sports and ultimately helping him land his current job. During Sipe’s course, IHSAA Assistant Commissioner Sandra Walters spoke to the class about the IHSAA organization and its purpose. She discussed the IHSAA’s focus on education-based athletics and sportsmanship, and provided different scenarios concerning transfers and IHSAA rules. Stouder was able to meet Walters, and that led to his internship at the IHSAA.

Stouder said, “I believe hands-on experience in the field is one of the most important things you can do during your college career.” During his junior year, Dr. Larry DeGaris, Associate Professor, helped him land an internship with Indy Eleven, at that time called Indy Pro Soccer. Stouder worked with Peter Wilt, current president of Indy Eleven, to market the team by hosting events and fan forums.

In addition to internships, Stouder acquired hands-on experience from UIndy class projects. The Administration of Athletics course partnered with the Indianapolis Indians to market College Night. Although the game was rained out, the students gained the experience of organizing and marketing the event.

"Chase was an outstanding student who always went the extra mile to be successful. He strived very hard to succeed going beyond the expectations of the class as well as accepting a leadership role. He will make an excellent representative of the IHSAA with his work ethic," said Sipe.

Stouder also assisted in the Indy Sport Corp. Corporate challenge, a community event that emphasized healthy lifestyles, friendly competition, and company camaraderie. For more information about the UIndy Sport Management program, visit the website.

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CHS Welcomes New Admissions Counselor for PT Programs

When prospective students inquire about UIndy's Doctor of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistant Programs, the person on the other end of the e-mail or phone is Amber Clarke, the newest Admissions Counselor in the university's College of Health Sciences.

Clarke is an Indianapolis native and a graduate of Marian University. She came to UIndy because she has an interest in higher education.

"I have an affection for students and mentoring. I like to see people being successful," said Clarke, who has a background in marketing. "This position fits all of that."

As the admissions counselor with responsibility for the Krannert School of Physical Therapy, Clarke is the first point of contact for students thinking about careers as a PT or PTA. Some days find her meeting with prospective undergraduates who will seek a pre-PT concentration that will prepare them to apply to physical therapy school. She advises students on prerequisites for admission to KSPT and answers questions about the admissions process.

Having arrived on campus in early July, Clarke said her favorite thing about UIndy is the people.

"I am very impressed with how involved the faculty are on campus," she said. "I've found everyone to be welcoming, genuine and friendly."

Students inquiring about UIndy's physical therapy programs will find Amber Clarke to be the same.

The deadline for applying to the 2015 Doctor of Physical Therapy program is October 1, 2014.

The deadline for applying to the 2015 Physical Therapist Assistant program is January 21, 2015.


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Intercollegiate Athletics: What is included?

What do you think of when you hear intercollegiate athletics?

Did you say, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)? Well, that is what many people immediately think of when the words “intercollegiate athletics” are mentioned, but “intercollegiate athletics” is defined as

taking place between or participating in activities between different colleges: intercollegiate athletics.

Therefore, intercollegiate athletics not only includes the NCAA, but also athletic conferences and club sports.

The UIndy Master of Science in Sport Management program prepares graduate students to work with and within the NCAA, conferences, university athletic departments, and club sports via university recreational sports departments. A conference is an entity that governs member institutions that play competitively with one another. For example, the University of Indianapolis is not only a Division II school within the NCAA, but also a member of the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC). In addition to the NCAA tournaments, the University of Indianapolis teams participate in GLVC tournaments and follow not only the NCAA guidelines, but also the GLVC guidelines.

With the growth of youth sports and travel teams, the number of young adults who want to continue to compete beyond the high school level is increasing. More high level athletes are opting to compete at the club level in order to focus on their education while still maintaining a high level of competition, or to continue a good athletic career while meeting people with similar interests. The growth in popularity of club sports has pushed some universities to take an active role in helping their student populations compete at regional and national levels. Club teams are not regulated by the NCAA nor the university’s athletics department, but rather managed through the university’s recreational sports office.

Since each university club sport carries the school’s name, guidelines that govern club sports exist. Some of the larger universities provide marketing and facilities to the club sports through the use of student activity fees and other fees assessed to each club. They have rules concerning fundraising and use of the university logos. This has expanded job possibilities within recreational sport departments on campuses across the nation.

These clubs include everything from football to martial arts to dance. Some of the club sports created their own governing bodies such as National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) and the National Club Track and Field Association (NCTFA). Those governing bodies have now also come together under the National Federation of Collegiate Club Sports Leagues, L.L.C. (CollClubSports), which allows the national associations to work together to advance participation in organized baseball, softball, track and field, basketball and football club sports. CollClubSports plays a similar role to the NCAA. There are many club sports such as martial arts, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball that do not have national or regional governing bodies at this time, but the universities work with the club sports, and many of those sports represent the universities regionally and nationally. Focus on intercollegiate sports by earning your Master of Science in Sport Management at the University of Indianapolis, and take your place in a career in sports on a college campus.

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Top 5 Reasons to study Engineering at UIndy

UIndy has recently revamped the structure of its Engineering program, creating more benefits for students and providing more options for majors. The Engineering Dual Degree Program at UIndy is a cooperative partnership between the University of Indianapolis and the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indianapolis (IUPUI). The program is designed to be 5 years in length, after which students will graduate with a degree in a Math or Science field from UIndy, and another in one of four areas within Engineering from IUPUI. Although the idea of staying in school for a fifth year, and taking courses at two different schools may seem different than the traditional four-year track at only one place, here are five reasons why any student interested in Engineering should consider the EDDP at UIndy.

1. Classes with more personal attention: Like the rest of the academic programs on campus, the EDDP at UIndy offers all  students the promise of a quality education, which can only be obtained through a learning environment with small class sizes and dedicated faculty who go above and beyond to help you succeed in their courses, and thereafter.

2. Stand out in the field with 2 Degrees: According to some of the EDDP faculty, having the knowledge and skills in a Math/Science field, and in Engineering makes a stronger engineer, and is more marketable in the workplace. The selection of internships and career possibilities also increases when a student holds two degrees.

3. Early exposure to hands-on experience: Students who choose Physics as one of their majors from UIndy, will greatly benefit from the new developments to the curriculum, with an emphasis on group projects. Professor Stephen Spicklemire says this will help enhance the learning experience for students, while helping them acquire the skills and experience needed for a career in Engineering.

4. Choose from 12 combinations of UIndy-IUPUI majors: Whereas the old UIndy/IUPUI engineering program only allowed students to earn a degree in Physics from UIndy, and Computer, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering from IUPUI, the new program has 12 possible combinations for majors in Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Physics from UIndy and Bio-medical, Computer, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering.

5. Financial aid guaranteed for 5 years: Although most undergraduate financial aid is only guaranteed for four years, students enrolled in the EDDP will be able to have the same financial aid package they received as entering freshmen, applied to the additional 5th year in the program.






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Dr. Michael Diacin was recently chosen to be the "Featured Professor" on, an online database of sports degree programs. Dr. Diacin is an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and the Program Coordinator for the Master of Science in Sport Management degree at the University of Indianapolis. His research interests include parental involvement in youth sports; experiential learning and internship development in sport management; and constraints upon family sport and recreation consumption. The following is more of the content from the interview with The first part of the interview is included in an earlier blog post and you may access the full interview at

When trying to select a post-graduate program, what advice would you give a prospective student?

Determine the path you want to take and then find a program that specializes in that path. At the graduate level, the focus should be specific as opposed to general. If you don’t know what you want to do, don’t go to grad school simply to buy more time because the experience won’t be productive. Have an end goal in sight and then use that program’s resources to help you reach that goal.

What are the main selection criteria you consider when selecting students to be admitted into your program?

The undergraduate performance and standardized test scores matter a great deal. Someone who has turned in four years of mediocre performance doesn’t indicate they were particularly determined to do better. That attitude of apathy could continue in a graduate program so when those elements are poor, it is a red flag with regard to whether or not this person would be truly serious about graduate study. Another element is the personal essay. It is very important to clearly articulate what you want to get out of the program. If a program has a particular focus and that person does not indicate that in their interests, it could result in a mismatch between student and program.

How important is it for students to do an internship before they graduate? What advice would you give a student looking to select a sports internship?

It is critical. Those without some field experience really don’t stand a chance. When seeking an internship, ask the site supervisor what this experience will prepare you to do and also ask what can you market to future employers from this experience. If the experience doesn’t allow you an opportunity to accumulate evidence that indicates what you can do then it is an internship worth staying away from.

What are the main challenges that sports specific academic programs face over the next 3-5 years?

The biggest challenge, especially with brick and mortar universities is to embrace evolving technologies and still offer a program that allows for students to get the face-to-face time they need with faculty and practitioners that will serve as resources to them. Online learning offers many advantages but it needs to be delivered in a manner that enhances the program while keeping the personal element intact.

For more information about the sport management programs at the University of Indianapolis, visit our website or contact us at or (317) 788-4907.

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UIndy Presenting Free Seminar for Displaced Healthcare Professionals

In the wake of major layoffs by local hospital systems, the University of Indianapolis will host a free seminar to help displaced nurses and healthcare professionals gain traction in the job market.


"Reinventing Yourself: A Personal Transformation for Healthcare Workers” is scheduled from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Jan. 11 in UIndy Hall A of the university’s Schwitzer Student Center, 1400 E. Hanna Ave. The event, which includes a continental breakfast, is sponsored by UIndy’s School for Adult Learning, School of Nursing and College of Health Sciences.

Career consultant John Vice, longtime human resources manager for Eli Lilly & Co., will present a program showing job seekers how to assess their priorities and leverage their strengths to identify new career paths. The seminar also will feature information on educational opportunities at UIndy, including certificate programs and accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Further detail on career planning, personality inventories and self-marketing will be available at additional half-day information sessions on Jan. 18 and 25.

Registration for the Jan. 11 seminar is required at More information is available by contacting Laurie Daeger at (317) 788-3442 or

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Experience UIndy: Schedule Your Campus Visit Today

These days, the campus visit experience at a four year college can vary based on the school you are visiting. While some colleges will only offer the typical group tour, and group informational sessions, others will have additional options like overnight visits, opportunities to shadow current students, or even the chance to meet with a professor in your area of interest.

At the University of Indianapolis, we like to give each student an individualized visit experience. With the exception of Saturdays and our Special Visit Days, students who schedule a campus visit automatically get a personal meeting with an admissions counselor and an individual tour of the campus with a student ambassador.

If you are a high school senior, there could be more in store for you. Seniors have priority when requesting additional services such as an appointment with a professor, the chance to attend a few classes in their area of interest, or even an overnight stay in one of our residence halls. Interested in learning more about a particular major or program? The Office of Admissions, along with other departments at the University of Indianapolis host several Special Visit Days throughout the year designed to give prospective and newly admitted students an in-depth look into some of our most popular academic programs.

Here are a few of our upcoming Visit Days:


Departmental Preview Days

(Communication, Social Work, History, Criminal Justice. Pre-Law, and Psychology)

Monday, November 11th 2013

Future Health Professions Day

(Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Biology, Chemistry, Anthropology, Athletic Training, Exercise Science)

By Invitation Only; Saturday, January 18th 2014

Sports Careers Day

(Sports Marketing, Sport Management, Sports Information)

By Invitation Only; Monday, January 20th 2014

School of Nursing, School of Education & School of Business Days

(Nursing, Teacher Education, and Business)

Monday, February 17th 2014

Junior Mini Health Professions Day

Monday, March 31st 2014

Junior Communication Day

Wednesday, April 2nd 2014

Junior Mini Nursing Day

Friday, April 4th 2014


**Visit to schedule your visit today! **

**Check out our Video Library to learn more about what it's like to be a student at UIndy!**

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Apply for Your UIndy Masters in Sport Management Now!

Consider the number of people it takes to make a college game, match or tournament happen? YOU can be one of those people... get your Master of Science in Sport Management Degree at the University of Indianapolis. Our program is dedicated to educating people who are passionate about excellence in intercollegiate athletics.

We provide our students with the curriculum, experiential learning, and networking opportunities needed to increase their marketability for eventual employment in intercollegiate athletics administration. We match our students with a personal mentor to help them learn, grow and jump-start their career. These Indianapolis leaders are from the NCAA, various conference offices, and university athletics departments, who serve as valuable sources of advice and professional development for our students. Indianapolis offers a wide variety of networking opportunities. It is home to the NCAA, universities and conference offices from all 3 NCAA division levels and various sport governing bodies. Students in this program have the opportunity to meet and work with practitioners who possess a wide variety of experiences and contacts.

The University of Indianapolis Master of Science in Sport Management program is currently accepting applications for its August 2014 cohort.

Learn more about our program, admisison requirements and how to apply by visiting our website.

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Earn a Masters in Sport Management and Be a Development Director

The department of athletics development is responsible for acquiring major gifts, organizing annual fundraising drives and events for groups and communicating with alumni. The development director is responsible for all current and future philanthropy programs. He/she builds relationships with alumni, faculty, staff, students and the community to further fund athletics programs and facilities.

These campaigns can vary from simple mailings to full-blown extravaganzas to celebrate the beginning or ending of a capital campaign for a specific large project, like a new stadium. No matter the size of the campaign, it takes planning, communication, marketing, and organizational skills. A Director of Development or an Assistant Athletics Director in charge of Development, must be proficient in budgeting, human resource activities (e.g. hire employees and/or volunteers), and marketing. In addition, individuals working in these capacities must be familiar with rules and regulations established by the NCAA. The UIndy Master of Science in Sport Management curriculum prepares students for all of these areas.


In addition to the coursework, the mentoring and the internship components, the Master of Science in Sport management program provides real-world contacts and experience for our graduate students. If they take full advantage of our program resources, their mentors, their internships and other opportunities available to them in the metro Indianapolis area, the “amateur sports capital of the world,” then they will be well prepared for employment in the area of athletics development.

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Earn a Masters in Sport Management and Be a Sports Information Director

A UIndy Master of Science in Sport Management degree can set the course for a graduate student to become a sports information director. Sports information directors fulfill several public relations functions within the athletics department. They work mainly behind the scenes, attending games, writing press releases, keeping statistics for all of the university’s sports teams, arranging interviews for athletes and coaches, marketing, and organizing promotional events such as autograph parties and press conferences. They may also participate in constructing public relations and crisis communication plans.

The Master of Science in Sport Management program has three components — course work, internships and a mentor program. In order to prepare its graduate students to become sports information directors, the program provides opportunities for students to work at events, assemble press kits, and write press releases. Those areas and courses include:


In addition to coursework, if a graduate student’s goal is to become a sports information director, then he/she would want to find a mentor who works in the sports information or communications area of an athletics department or conference office. The mentor provides advice, accountability, inspiration, and assistance in planning short- and long-term goals. UIndy mentors are current practitioners in intercollegiate athletics, working at the institutional, conference or national level.

The Master of Science in Sport Management graduate student would also be encouraged to take an internship within an athletics department’s media relations office or a conference office. This type of internship would provide real-world experience and allow the student to not only gain experience, but also cultivate contacts within the field. In addition to internships, coursework and mentors, the program offers many opportunities to volunteer at sporting events. It is through these opportunities additional experience and contacts can be gained. Graduate students are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities available within the UIndy program, as well as the Indianapolis area. The program offers convenient and unparalleled access to national governing agencies, conference offices, and intercollegiate athletics programs. In addition, the contacts made at the NCAA and other sport organizations will be a valuable asset in a student’s ascension the position of sports information director.

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Earn a Masters in Sport Management and Be an Athletic Director

With a Master of Science in Sport Management degree from the University of Indianapolis, you could be a University Athletics Director. According to the Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange (TRACE) study of 99 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Athletics Directors, 70 percent possess a master’s degree. The largest portion of Athletics Directors holding a master’s degree majored in sport management. Along with a master’s degree, the TRACE study indicated the path to becoming an Athletics Director includes a background in fundraising, development and marketing, and past work experience in an athletics department. Candidates who possess a master’s degree in Sport Management are attractive candidates to fill Athletics Director Position vacancies, because the curriculum they complete prepares them to effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

Athletics Directors are required to be comfortable and capable within all areas of operations of a university athletics department. The UIndy Master of Science in Sport Management degree program provides a curriculum that develops the necessary skills for those areas.


Along with an exceptional curriculum, the UIndy program offers experiential learning with required internships and many opportunities to volunteer at local events hosted by the NCAA, the University of Indianapolis, the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference, and many more sport organizations within the Indianapolis area. Our current cohort of graduate students gained opportunities to work at several notable intercollegiate athletics events. They assisted at the 2013 Great Lakes Valley Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships. In addition, they contributed to the 2013 NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships. They participated in crowd control, volunteer coordination, information processing, record keeping, and more. The opportunity to gain hands-on experience within the courses offered by the program is a key element that assists students in reaching their career goals. Not only does the curriculum include experiential opportunities, but the University of Indianapolis and the local community also offer many chances to volunteer at sporting events. Looking to the future, Indianapolis will be hosting (not a complete list):

  • 2014 Big Ten Football Championship Game
  • 2014 Big Ten Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments
  • 2014 Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships
  • 2014 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship – Midwest Regional
  • 2015 Big Ten Football Championship Game
  • 2015 Division II Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships
  • 2015 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship – Final Four
  • 2016 Division II Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships
  • 2016 Division I Women’s Basketball Championship – Final Four
  • 2017 Division I Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships


Additional events near Indianapolis

  • Terre Haute Convention & Visitors Bureau will host the 2013 Division I Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Championships
  • Evansville will host the 2014 Division II Men’s Basketball Elite Eight
  • Hamilton County Sports Authority will host the 2015 Division I Men’s Golf Regional


Besides the curriculum and experiential opportunities, each graduate student is paired with a mentor who will share his/her professional insights and further enhance the student’s development as they move through this critical stage in their professional lives. The mentor provides advice, accountability, aid in planning long-term and short-term goals, inspiration, and improved quality of work. UIndy mentors are current practitioners in intercollegiate athletics, working at the institutional, conference and national level. The contacts made with the NCAA and other sport organizations will be invaluable in our graduate students’ future careers.

Graduate students, who take advantage of the opportunities that living in Indianapolis provides, their internships, and the opportunities provided by the UIndy MS in Sport Management professors, co-instructors and mentors, will be prepared for a future career as an Athletics Director. Through the curriculum, experiential learning and networking opportunities, the UIndy Master of Science in Sport Management degree program provides students with the foundation to begin a rewarding and productive career in intercollegiate athletics administration.

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Job Search Boot Camp

On Monday, June 24, 2013, Robbin Sally will present Job Search Boot Camp at the Beech Grove Public Library, 1102 Main Street, Beech Grove, In 46107, at 5:30 pm.  Robbin, Career Advisor at the University of Indianapolis, will talk about the latest trends in job searching, techniques for writing your resume, and tips for interviewing.  Robbin has guided hundreds of University of Indianapolis adult students through the job search process.  Now, Robbin will help you.

If you are looking for a job or thinking about changing careers, join us on Monday, June 24th.  As a bonus to the evening presentation, Laurie Daeger, Director of Marketing for the School for Adult Learning(SAL), will be available to discuss the accelerated undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by SAL and explain the easy steps to going back to school.

This is your opportunity to learn what how to find the next job. There is no charge for this program. For more information call 317-788-3393.






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Think It, Design It, Create It : Experience Design at UIndy

Gone are the days when the only college majors with 'practical' and 'marketable' skills were those that lead to pre-professional programs. One thing UIndy Admissions Counselors always emphasize to prospective students is that they should select a major that caters to their interests. Students, keep in mind that virtually any major has practical and vital skills that can be marketable to any employer. In fact, here is one to consider.

The Experience Design (XD) major at the University of Indianapolis is an interdisciplinary program that fuses skills and concepts from different academic fields of study like art, theatre, communications, and business. XD majors research and create fun and interactive experiences for diverse audiences to enjoy. Whether these are virtual or real, themed programs or presentations, they are designed to entertain and engage participants in a way that will also draw meaning from the experience.

Similar to other majors offered at UIndy, students in this program really get the chance to 'learn by doing.' Many XD classes are project-based, allowing students to gain hands-on experience by implementing the concepts and techniques they have learned in the classroom, to real-world programs and events created by them. A Special Topics class, with a different theme every semester, provides a specific focus that guides students during the creative process to determine the type of program  and style of event that is most suitable. Among some of the themed programs created by XD students are those inspired by Heroes & Villains, the 1920's, and Futuristic Worlds. Something new this year, the undergraduate program has recently launched a student-run agency called the Imagination Emporium, that will serve community clients by creating custom programs for them.  

With a degree in Experience Design, students can use their acquired event planning, research, design, and other problem-solving skills to work in a variety of professional settings like museums, or hospitality fields at tourist destinations and resorts.  

If you're interested in learning more about the XD major at UIndy, check out the department wesite: 


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New Directions for iLEAD: Educational Leadership Program at the University of Indianapolis

Our University of Indianapolis masters in educational leadership program, iLEAD, is transforming to include increased opportunities for authentic experiences in school reform.  Students in Cohort XIV began their program of study this fall mentored by current school leaders who advise and de-brief with them on a regular basis.  Each semester, the students complete shadowing experiences and reflective interviews with their mentors.  Field experiences for the principal leadership program are aligned with the coursework.  In EDUC 600, our introductory leadership class, students complete school improvement projects  as well as projects in which they are already involved as teacher leaders in their schools.  EDUC 605 students analyze data to identify learning problems and design research-based interventions.  As the students develop their skills, increasingly their mentors observe them, offering feedback as students lead professional development, work with the school community, and engage in other leadership activities.   During the final two semesters of the program, students serve as interns in their schools and experience the day-to-day responsibilities of building-level leaders.

Our hybrid courses are changing also.  In our professional development class (EDUC 610), students practice leading the professional development process and review case studies in initiating, managing, and sustaining change.  Students create communication and marketing plans for their schools (EDUC 615).  Multiple experiences observing and evaluating teachers are a focus in EDUC 620. 

Simulations, including The Change Game being played by Cohort XI students in the pictures below, provide another source of case study experiences in leading school change.  Additional information about our curriculum is available on the iLEAD website:  http://www.   Our Cohort XV will begin Saturday, May 18th.  Application materials may be accessed online:  Graduate education faculty and our iLEAD administrative assistant are available to talk with you if you call (317) 788-6098.  Learn more about how iLEAD can help you achieve your professional goals in a graduate education program at a university with personal attention, the University of Indianapolis. 


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University of Indianapolis MBA International Trip; Every Year is an Adventure


On May 5, 2012 University of Indianapolis MBA Director, Steve Tokar and Dr. Kathy Bohley, Professor of International Marketing and Business, will take MBA students and alumni on the annual University of Indianapolis International Trip. This year the group is headed to Budapest and Prague.

What will our UIndy MBA students and alumni experience on this year's trip?

The flight from the US will take our contingent to London, England. Once in London, the group will take the tube into the city for a guided tour of The Tower of London followed by time to explore on their own before meeting back up for lunch at the famous Punch & Judy Pub in the Covent Garden Piazza, built in 1787. From there, it's back to Heathrow to catch the flight to Budapest.

The first stop in Budapest will be at the GE Research and Manufacturing Facility.  After a tour of the facility and lecture from a local political analyst, the group will see sites in Budapest including Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Church and Heroes’ Square .

Tuesday is a free exploration day with dinner as a group. Dinner will be a traditional Hungarian experience, including folk dancing at Marvanymenyasszony Vendeglo - Marble Bride Restaurant

Wednesday is travel to Prague. Thursday begins with a visit with CzechInvest, a local investment and business development agency and then on to Cerge-E The Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education. It’s a joint workplace of Charles University in Prague and the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

All of that and back on the ground in Indianapolis by 7:55pm Sunday evening!

UIndy MBA Director, Steve Tokar feels that this is a vital part of differentiation in the competitive business environment today. "Being able to list on your resume that you have traveled outside of the United States and have experienced not only the culture of other countries, but have visited with business leaders, will set your resume apart for the remainder of your career." 

One of our alumni, John, shares his experience on a previous trip to China. John left the United States for the first time on a University of Indianapolis MBA International Trip and enjoyed the experience so much, he spent a semester taking MBA classes at the University of Indianapolis Campus in Greece.

As a UIndy MBA student, you can attend an International Trip at any time during your program. You can go before you finish your first year! UIndy MBA alumni are invited to attend every year as well. Some of the highlights of the trip design are:

  • As a student, you can take MBA 652 Global Business Seminar as a course, it will count as an elective or toward an International Business Major. You do not have to take a course in conjunction with the trip.
  • The trip lasts a week, where possible, so you can easily take vacation time from work 
  • Trip destinations are announced approximately six to eight months in advance to allow you time for planning.
  • Previous trips have visited:  China, Dubai, Australia, India, England & France, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Make sure you "Like" our The University of Indianapolis MBA Facebook page to see pictures of the Prague/Budapest trip later in the month.

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CSM 2012, Chicago, IL: Faculty Perspective

CSM 2012 ChicagoAs I boarded the Megabus in downtown Indianapolis and headed to Chicago to attend the 2012 Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), I reminisced that this time last year, the Blizzard of 2011 hit Chicago and left many people and cars abandoned and stranded on Lake Shore Drive.  I was sure hoping the weather would be mild during CSM between the dates of Wednesday, Feb. 8 - Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012.  The ride was thoroughly delightful, napping a bit, browsing the internet, and taking in the sites of the wind farms in northern Indiana.  Upon arriving at Union Station, downtown Chicago, it was quite a walk in the brisk Chicago wind, to the Hard Rock Hotel.  The check-in was interesting, as it was a challenge to hear what the receptionist was saying over the loud rock and roll music playing in the lobby.  It was then time to take the hike down Michigan Ave to the Hilton where on-site registration was taking place.  The hotel lobby was all-a-buzz with many familiar faces and old friends to catch up with.  The shuttles were running full-force from the hotels on Michigan Ave to the McCormick Place Convention Center, several miles away.  The convention center was enormous, and the Chicago Automobile Show was going on at the same location as the APTA conference. 

There were more physical therapy professionals than I had ever seen at the numerous CSM meetings I have attended in the past.  I later found out that this was the largest Combined Sections Meeting in the history of the conference.  There were over 10,000 physical therapist professionals in attendance.  Wow!   There was, as there always is, a variety of programming including: educational sessions, poster presentations, platform presentations, and special lectureships.  The Exhibit Hall is always a fun place to visit, as well.  If you are lucky enough to be there at the right time, they serve snacks and drinks.  Krannert School of Physical Therapy always has a booth in the exhibit hall, and it not only serves to market our postprofessional program, but serves as a great meeting place to see current students, as well as alumni.   

I have always been inquisitive about how and why the APTA sponsors 2 large meetings per year.  It is my understanding that CSM is a meeting in which the programming is dedicated to the 18 special interest sections of the American Physical Therapy Association: Acute Care, Aquatics, Cardio/Pulmonary, Clinical Electrotherapy and Wounds Management, Education, Federal, Geriatrics, Hand Rehabilitation, Health Policy and Administration, Home Health, Neurology, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics, Private Practice, Research, Sports, and Women’s Health.  The PT 2012 Annual Conference and Expo meeting will be held June 6 - 9, 2012, in Tampa.  The House of Delegates meets during this meeting and programming will consist of the following 14 tracks: Active Against Cancer Critical and Inpatient Care, Effective Teaching Strategies, Lower Quarter Biomechanics, Moving Forward in Wellness, NUSTEP, IIISTEP, and Beyond, Patients with Complex Medical Needs, Perspectives in Neurology and Pain, Preventing Falls, Professional Issues, Research Design and Implementation, Technically Speaking, Updates in Sports and Orthopedics and What’s New with Health Care Reform. 

I made it home safe and sound from CSM 2012 with lots of new-found knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm for the profession.  I was looking forward to boarding the Megabus next February to attend CSM 2013 in Nashville, TN; however, due to the extensive number of physical therapists attending CSM, the destination has recently been changed to San Diego.  Sunshine and warmth in February 2013? Hope to see you there!

-Julie Gahimer, PT, HSD

Krannert School of Physical Therapy

University of Indianapolis

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Adults Returning to College...What do I need to do?

As 2010 comes to an end, the new year is a time for new beginnings.  Have you been thinking about returning to college?  Check out the University of Indianapolis' School for Adult Learning(SAL) bachelor degree program.   Classes meet just one night per week for five weeks.  You've can find one night a week to go back to school! The majority of SAL students are 35-50 years old, work, and have life responsibilites, but they find one night per week to invest in themselves and their future by attending class. 

You can earn a bachelor degree in Liberal Studies or Organizational Leadership.  These degrees will open doors for you in the job market.  SAL even has a Career Advisor on staff who will guide you through all aspects of finding a job, from career counseling, to writing a resume, to practicing for the interview.  The SAL Career Advisor is just one of the services SAL offers students.

We can tell you about the SAL program, but we think our students say it better:
  • "There are a lot of different ways the School for Adult Learning works with you in order to help you get to the goals you want for your life." - Jonah Odum, Class of 2003
  • "There's never been an occasion where I had a question and the door wasn't always open."  - Cindy Bell Class of 2007
  • "It is possible to do it no matter what your circumstances, and that's the wonderful thing about SAL." - Chris Renick Class of 2007
  • "I liked the fact that you had options." - Octavia Banner Class of 2006
 Class begin January 16, 2012.  Call Laurie Daeger, Admissions Coordinator, to get started or visit our website at

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Information Night: You are Invited!

The Date that will Change Lives!

September 29, 2011

The University of Indianapolis School for Adult Learning is presenting an Information Night to help adults take the first step in achieving their educational goals. For more than twelve years, the School for Adult Learning has helped hundreds of adults obtain a high-quality bachelor’s degree in an accelerated format. 

Our programs are flexible, accessible and accelerated. They are designed to help busy adults earn a well-respected college degree taking evening classes. A Bachelor’s degree gives adults options in today’s job market. Our classes start every 5 weeks! 

The Information Night is:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

5:30-7:00 p.m.

Esch Hall, Room 103

School for Adult Learning

University of Indianapolis

1400 E. Hanna Ave.

Indianapolis, IN. 46227

More information is on our website,
Remember a college degree equals better paydays.   Financial Aid is available. A financial aid representative and our SAL advisors will be available at the Information Night

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A College Degree is an Asset in your Job Search

Are you looking for a job?  The School for Adult Learning (SAL) at the University of Indianapolis recognizes that finding a job is on the top of the list for many adults.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us the unemployment rate for someone with a college degree is about half that of someone with a high school degree.  If you are ready to earn a degree, we can help.

The SAL program at UIndy offers two degree programs, Organizational Leadership and Liberal Studies, for adults 24 years of age and older. Our classes meet just one night per week for five weeks. This schedule allows working adults an opportunity to earn a degree in an accelerated and flexible manner.  And, we have an on-site Career Advisor who is available to help our adult students with the job search. Our Career Advisor can help you with; 
  • skill assessments
  • resume writing
  • interview skills
  • marketing yourself
  • use of our Job Referral Network
Contact us for more information:  email - or call 317-788-3393. Or, visit our website, http-://
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