Kali Flores values her iLEAD Principal Preparation experience

Four months after Kali Flores graduated from the iLEAD Principal Preparation program at the University of Indianapolis, she kaliwas hired as the Assistant Director for Special Education in the Brownsburg Community School Corporation. Not only was this position a step up in her career, it was a chance to pursue her passion as an educator.

“What I learned is that there are opportunities in administration for special educators,” Kali says. “That’s really where my heart was speaking to me—and I’ve been blessed that now I’m in a new role as a special ed administrator.”

The format works

A divorced mother of five children, Kali was looking for a program to advance her career while she continued teaching full-time. In iLEAD, students meet two Saturdays a month in addition to online study. The format worked great for a professional and mother like Kali.

“The way the courses are offered was perfect for my busy lifestyle. The Saturday classes and the convenience of being able to do both the licensure and master’s concurrently were key things that I needed.”

Practical classes

Lynn Wheeler

Lynn Wheeler is one of the iLEAD faculty. “The professors are experienced and guide you the whole way through,” Kali says.

The format may have allowed Kali to enter the program, but the instruction she received allowed her to thrive. According to Kali, “UIndy has amazing professors.” Working superintendents, principals, and other administrators teach the courses, meaning each class offers you real-life scenarios. Now that Kali is in administrative role, she can confirm how applicable UIndy’s iLEAD program is to the workplace.

“My perspective now matches what I was taught. It was the overall structure of the program that gave me confidence I would have true preparedness to lead in an administrative role. I’m doing the things I learned to do well at UIndy.”

Build a community

UIndy’s format and exceptional instruction make iLEAD a great choice to advance your career in education. Students here also enjoy a supportive network of peers and staff to help make attending UIndy a warm experience. Lynn Wheeler, professor and field coordinator, is just one example of the passionate members of the iLEAD community.

“The program is extremely rigorous and there were times I just said to her ‘Lynn I don’t know if I can do this!’ and she would say ‘You’re doing fine, keep going. I have faith in you, tell me what you need.’ She answers questions, she provides resources; I felt like I was in great hands.”

What’s next?

Looking back, Kali values the practicality of her experience in iLEAD. For her field experience, she developed a plan to reduce the number of suspensions at Springmill Elementary School. Her plan was actually implemented, and the number of out of school suspensions dropped from 35 to two. To implement changes like this and to become a leader like Kali, contact Assistant Director for Enrollment Whitnie Shay at shayw@uindy.edu or 317.788.2004.

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