Molly took her M.A. in History to Cook Regentec

As part of her studies in the M.A. in History program at the University of Indianapolis, Molly Busenbark completed her thesis on naval mutinies during WWI. The 2006 graduate now works as a Quality Assurance Specialist at Cook Regentec, an Indianapolis firm focused on researching regenerative medicine therapies and equipment. While the subject matter may be distant, Molly sees her experience studying graduate history at UIndy as indispensable to her current career.

“Being a good writer, being detail oriented, learning to do quality research before diving into a project are all applicable to what I do now,” Molly says. “My ability to process detailed information was one thing my employers were impressed with.”

Molly had plenty of information to process as a graduate student. She explains that in a course taught by Dr. James Fuller, they were tasked with reading a book every week and then writing a paper on their reading.

“He taught us how to digest the info very quickly—by reading the beginning and end of the chapter along with key points in-between. It was nice that he gave us those tools,” Molly says.

For Molly, the most transformative experience of her master’s program was working with Dr. Lawrence Sondhaus on her thesis.

Dr. Lawrence Sondhaus

Dr. Sondhaus has a particular interest in military history, so being an advisor for Molly’s WWI naval mutiny-focused thesis was a natural fit from the start.

“He is probably one of the most influential people in my life,” Molly says of Dr. Sondhaus. “I think the personalized attention that I got was crucial to my success. I met with him probably once or twice a week when I came closer to completing my thesis.”

In addition to the personal attention Molly received, she appreciated the collaborative nature of the faculty. A class led by Dr. Samantha Meigs evolved into powerful outlets for discourse.

“We were discussing the politics of church and state in medieval Europe. We would sit there and spar—who did we think the best king was and why? That kind of open-forum discussion was useful,” Molly says. “We made the class our own and she was willing to work with us.”

Molly has taken the skills she gained in the program with her into the workforce, but that is not the only connection to UIndy that remains. She has stayed in contact with her mentor Dr. Sondhaus—the two met for lunch not long before this interview was conducted.

“I think it’s great to have that accessibility to someone who had such a big influence on your life.”

To learn more about the M.A. in History program, contact Assistant Director for Enrollment Whitnie Shay at or 317.788.2004.