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Five Reasons UIndy Athletic Training is Great (according to Adriana Olivas)


The Master of Science in Athletic Training program at the University of Indianapolis accepts a new cohort of students every Adriana Olivas wearing her UIndy gearJune. The UIndy AT program is small, with a close-knit community that shares a culture of family and excellence.

Adriana Olivas is in her second year as an athletic training student at UIndy. She initially became interested in the profession in the same way many of her classmates did–an injury playing high school basketball introduced her to the world of athletic training and her future career. She recognized that being bilingual could be a big asset for her, as Spanish speaking athletic trainers are in high demand in leagues such as the MLB. Adriana cares about helping people, and enjoys learning how the body works.

Here are five reasons Adriana thinks UIndy Athletic Training stands out in the field.

5. The professors are there for you

“The professors want the best for their students. They want us to get out and represent UIndy well, especially when we get out in the professional environment. They want us to know that they are always there for us. They know us well enough to give us meaningful advice.”

UIndy AT professors have an open-door policy, and students refer to them on a first-name basis. The faculty recognize that in a few short years their students will become their peers, and want to foster that sense of collegiately. Adriana especially values the constructive feedback she receives from her teachers. “They don’t bring any negativity with them, just suggestions on how to improve and get better,” she says.

4. Your clinical experiences add real value

“With clinicals, you get to know athletic trainers who know other ATs. Everyone is watching, you never know who you are working with. You have to know people to succeed in the medical field.”

UIndy MSAT students have four immersive clinical experiences, exceeding the single experience required for licensing. UIndy has relationships with more than 30 clinical sites, including Division 1 colleges, local high schools, and healthcare outlets. By working in different locations and meeting many practitioners, students build a professional network before they graduate.

3. Speaking of networking, the professors will help with that, too

“Our professors hold a lot of influential positions in athletic training organizations so even that puts in a good work for UIndy alumni because many organizations we could apply to might be familiar with the people who prepared us.”

  • Ned Shannon: Indiana Athletic Trainers Association (IATA) Hall of Fame, former president
  • Craig Voll: IATA Hall of Fame, former president of IATA, former president of the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association
  • Christine Lauber: Current secretary of the IATA

“If I’m at a conference I want them to be hanging out with me; I want to introduce them to my colleagues and my friends so they can tap into that,” professor Craig Voll says.

2. You get hands-on learning from the best

“We don’t even have regular tables, we have treatment tables in the classroom. So after lecture you get hands-on experience with the concepts you learned during lecture. That’s a daily thing, applying what you learn from professors right there in the classroom.”

Adriana is able to take what she tried in the classroom and apply it to help UIndy athletes, a task she enjoys. “I like working on campus. I feel like the athletes have more respect toward you because they see you around, they know what the AT program is like and what our professors expect of us,” she explains.

1. Your education is on the cutting edge of the profession

“There are a lot of injuries involving the shoulder and I enjoyed learning them, even though it was really complicated. I learned something called the Hornblowers technique. I know some athletic trainers in high schools that weren’t familiar with it. It was nice to share some techniques with our preceptors.”

If you would like to learn more, contact the Athletic Training Program Director, Christine Lauber, at or 317.788.2516. The application is also available online–be sure to submit before the January 15 deadline.