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Two December grads earn UIndy Healthy Diploma distinction

Healthy Diploma program logoTwo seniors graduating from the University of Indianapolis this December have earned a Healthy Diploma™ certificate as a complement to their bachelor’s degrees. Psychology major Alexandria Frazee and anthropology major Anna Kevlin will present their personal health projects on campus Tuesday, December 6, 2016 from 6:30-8:00pm in room 382 of the Health Pavilion.

Frazee’s presentation will be on “Effectively Managing Time to Become More Successful.” Kevlin’s will be on “Cooking Experience and Healthy Living.”

The Department of Kinesiology offers all UIndy undergraduates the chance to complete a Healthy Diploma concentration. Open to all freshmen and sophomores, the Healthy Diploma program consists of a 15-credit concentration to complement any degree, in which students learn about all dimensions of health and wellness and the nation’s leading health concerns, while setting long-term goals and documenting progress over time.

Dr. Lisa Hicks, Kinesiology Dept Chair“The Healthy Diploma program is designed to do two things for our students,” said Dr. Lisa Hicks, kinesiology department chair. “It helps students build healthy habits that they can carry with them for the rest of  their lives and offers them a competitive edge in the workplace.”

Hicks said that employers can look at the Healthy Diploma concentration on someone’s resume and know that that individual is likely to be an outstanding contributor in the workplace, have fewer illnesses, and cost the company less in health care premiums over time.



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