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5 Reasons Adults Say “Yes” to School

Returning to school is a big decision for adults.  Taking that first step to meet with an admissions counselor is difficult.  Returning to school pushes adults out of their comfort zone. So, why are adult students returning to school in record numbers? 

Here are the top 5 reasons for adults to return to school:

1) Earn More Money… In Indiana an adult with a bachelor degree earns 61% more per year than those with a high school diploma. (The Business Journal, G. Scott Thomas, 12/8/12).  By completing your degree, you will earn over a million dollars  more in your lifetime. 

2)  Be More Qualified…Do you want to grow in your current job?  Do you want to be an expert in your area?  Getting additional education helps you move in that direction.  A college degree teaches you to think critically and creatively. You will take these skills to your workplace.

3)  Find Your Next Job…  Many jobs require a bachelor degree.  Once you complete your degree, you will have more opportunities to move into another job –  perhaps your dream job. 

 4)  Set an Example… Do you find yourself telling your children to attend college?  You can be the example they need.  When your children see the importance you place on attending school, they will be more likely to follow your example.

5) Lifetime Goal…One of the best reasons to finish your degree is to complete a lifetime goal.  Many adults wanted to attend school, but "life happened."  The adult programs at many colleges and universities design their programs to help working adults complete their degree.

The School for Adult Learning (SAL) at the University of Indianapolis (UIndy) has designed a program to help adults complete their degree more quickly than you might think by taking evening classes.  SAL will accept transfer credit, and help you complete portfolios to earn credit. There is help every step along the way.  You need a high school diploma or GED to apply for admission. 

Take that first step today. For more information contact Chelsea Ward, Admissions and Academic Advisor, at wardcb@uindy. edu. Or,  go to our website



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