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Begin Classes in February

The winter term began this week at the University of Indianapolis.  The start of a semester is always an exciting time as students return to class.  Were you thinking of starting classes this winter and think you waited too long?  Well, it's not too late to start this winter. In the School for Adult Learning classes begin every five weeks. You can start classes February 17, 2014. 

That's great news…what steps do you need to take, you might ask.  Schedule an appointment with Chelsea Ward, Admissions and Academic Advisor.  You can reach Chelsea at 317-781-5762 or  Chelsea will meet with you to discuss the accelerated degree program designed for students 24 years of age or older.  Classes meet just one night per week from 6:00-9:45pm.  You attend class with other students who work and have life responsibilites.

At UIndy we make returning to school an easy process. You will need a high school diploma or GED. Provide us with official transcripts and we can get you started.  Financial aid is available and our financial aid representative will help you every step along the way.

In the Return to Learning Class our instructors will give you the information you need to be successful. Maybe you have been out of school for awhile.  That is not a problem.  Our professional staff will help you.

In five weeks you will be on your way to a college degree.


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