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Earn College Credit through Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio

The School for Adult Learning at the University of Indianapolis announces its revised process allowing students to earn college credit for their lifetime of learning experiences. 

What is a Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio?  A Prior Learning Assessment is a formal written communication presented by the student to the University requesting credit for extra-collegiate, college-level learning. A portfolio consists of multiple components. Each component plays a role in demonstratitng mastery of learning objectives. Each portfolio must make its case by identifying learning clearly and succinctly, with suporting documentation and other evidence, that will demonstrate you have sufficiently mastered the credit being requested. The use of portfolios in degree completion has been around for over 40 years.

Is it right for you?  If you are a student who has nontraditional learning that meets the necessary criteria, you may be eligible to seek academic credit through the portfolio process. Credit is granted for learnng, not experience! The Prior Learning Assessment portfolio process provides you with an opportunity to earn credit for learning outside the confines of a traditional classroom. If you have developed college level knowledge, skills, and abilities as a result of:  work experience, formal corporate training, operating your own business, working with a volunteer or community organization, seminars, or license: you may want to use this option to earn college credit. Completing a PLA portfolio is an economical way to accelerate your degree while also receiving recognition of your life's accomplishments!

What are the benefits? As a returning adult you recognize that a basic requirement for career placement is the attainment of- at minimum- a bachelor's degree. By the year 2018, 63% of the total job openings in the US will require some level of post-secondary (college) education ( No matter whether you bring with you transfer credits or none at all, the use of prior learning assessment has been statistically documented to give you an advantage in several important ways.

To get started, meet with the PLA Coordinator in the School for Adult Learning. The Coordinator will explain the process and the cost.

To learn more about this process, contact:  Kathy L. Simpher, MTS, Master Certified PLA Coordinator or 317.788.3393. School for Adult Learning, Esch Hall 103, University of Indianapolis


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