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Top Reasons Adults Return to School

If you listened to the voice that keeps saying, "go back to school," you would have earned nine credits in the last fifteen weeks attending class just one night per week at the University of Indianapolis School for Adult Learning.  Why do adults decide to return to school?

  1. Better Future: Adults realize that a bachelor degree is important to help them have the life they want. 
  2. Better Job:  A bachelor's degree is valued in the workplace. Adults realize moving up in their career can be accomplished with the bachelor degree.
  3. Life Change:  Many times a life change such as death of a spouse, divorce, or becoming an empty-nester means there is a need and often the time to return to school.
  4. Set an Example:  Adults realize that it is difficult to encourage their children to go to college if they have not gone to school themselves. 
  5. Lifelong Dream:  There is no better reason to return to school. The sense of accomplishment an adult feels when he/she reaches the goal of graduating from college is tremendous.

If you are ready to earn a degree, contact Laurie Daeger, Admissions Advisor in the School for Adult Learning, at or 317-788-3442.  The SAL staff is ready to help you every step along the way.

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Comment from Alice
Time: May 9, 2012, 8:59 am

I admire people who are going back to school. The weak job market has nudged many adults to do so in an effort to find a second career. And despite of how difficult is for older generations to study all over again, most of them manage to graduate.