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UIndy success: Anthony went back to school and got his dream job

Anthony Davidson graduation day

“I can tell you that ever since I was a child, I have dreamed of working for a particular Indianapolis company,” Anthony Davidson starts.

As he rode past the Eli Lilly Headquarters, Anthony would wonder what goes on in that fixture of the Indianapolis skyline. To find out, he would need a degree. And like many other busy adults, he turned to the School for Adult Learning at the University of Indianapolis to help him go back to school.

The road wouldn’t be easy. Anthony had a full plate, including:

  • Fulfilling his obligation to the Air Force Reserve
  • Working a full-time position
  • Picking up shifts at an additional part-time job
  • Caring for two children
  • Coaching his son’s little league team

Despite an overwhelming schedule, the School for Adult Learning was able to make college work for Anthony. To give him a head start, the SAL team was able to transfer all of the credits Anthony earned in the Community College of the Air Force.

After Anthony graduated from UIndy, he served on the Beech Grove City Council. Here he is pictured speaking with former Mayor Greg Ballard.

After graduating from UIndy, Anthony served on the Beech Grove City Council. Here he is pictured speaking with former Mayor Greg Ballard.

“The small class sizes afforded me a more personal learning experience, which enabled me to retain information and make me feel like I was truly learning something,” Anthony explains. He is especially fond of the work done with psychology professor Margaret Keaton to help give local police officers coping mechanisms, which he continued to pursue after graduation.

During his senior year, Anthony threw caution to the wind and applied at Eli Lilly. The job description called for an associate degree, but he had the required amount of credits.

“I presented them with an estimated graduation date and grades from each of my classes. It was also very helpful when I told them it was with UIndy. I received a call two days later with a job offer … I was very thankful to UIndy for helping me achieve a dream of mine.”

His dream didn’t stop there. After graduating, a high-level director in the company approached Anthony and asked about his degree. Following their conversation, Anthony received an offer for a big promotion–no interview required.

“I am now able to work one job and spend more time with my family. We also recently bought our dream home a couple weeks ago,” Anthony explains. “I encourage everyone I speak with looking to better themselves and better their employment to check out UIndy’s SAL program.”

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