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Intercollegiate Athletics: What is included?

What do you think of when you hear intercollegiate athletics? Did you say, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)? Well, that is what many people immediately think of when the words “intercollegiate athletics” are mentioned, but “intercollegiate athletics” is defined as taking place between or participating in activities between different colleges: intercollegiate athletics. Therefore, intercollegiate athletics

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Discover the Arts at the University of Indianapolis

Whether you are an aspiring artist, musician, or thespian, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a place at the University of Indianapolis. Our Art, Music, and Theatre programs offer the same great commitment to personal attention as our other academic programs. Each program's small class sizes, curriculum that exposes students

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Private Colleges in Indiana: Advertised Cost versus Actual Cost

It is no secret that the cost of a four-year college degree can be really expensive, and that the main difference between a public college and a private college usually lies in the cost of tuition. For these reasons, many students will dismiss the possibility of attending a private university. While the advertised cost of

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Top Five Reasons to enroll in Spring Term at UIndy

College is a great time to explore new interests and try different things. What better way to do this, then to take a Spring Term course! Known as a Jan-Term or Flex-Term at other universities, UIndy's Spring Term follows a similar concept: For a short term (usually three weeks), students can take a course that

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Start of Graduate School for UIndy Physical Therapy Student

My first week of being of being a physical therapy student at the University of Indianapolis went by in a hurry. There were a few stark contrasts that I immediately noticed between undergraduate and graduate studies. There is a much greater amount of coursework, which is expected when pursuing a doctorate degree. Along with this,

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Warm up your winter with exhilarating arts events

 Second semester has just begun, and UIndy Arts is back in full swing! The new art exhibition 30 Years of Jim Kemp Pottery is on display through February 10 in the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center Art Gallery. A UIndy graduate, Kemp has been a professional potter for over 23 years. Tickets are on sale

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Location is important when looking at grad schools

The University of Indianapolis in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana is a great place to consider when looking at clinical psychology graduate programs.  The city of Indianapolis is the twelfth largest city in the US and the second largest city in the Midwest.  It is a thriving metropolis that has burgeoned with corporate growth, cultural

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School Leadership for the 21st Century

Take your teaching career to the next level and become an educational leader!   Complete the innovative 18-month iLEAD principal leadership program at the University of Indianapolis.  This Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (Masters degree in education) is designed for elementary, middle, and high school teachers who seek careers as building-level principals, department heads, and

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