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Save Time: File Early

Did you know that by filing your 2011 federal tax returns (student and parent) early you will save time when completing the 2012-13 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? IRS Data Retrieval allows you to transfer your tax return information to the FAFSA making it unlikely that your application will be selected for verification. IRS Data

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Financial Aid can be confusing

Struggling with understanding financial aid? Feel like the financial aid office speaks in their own language? Sometimes understanding some basic financial aid terms is all it takes to level the playing field. We have helpful information on some common financial aid terms on our website at Check out the information and increase your financial

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It’s the little things that count

It’s back to school in Indiana and no one is more excited about the start of the school year than the seniors of 2012. This is their year. Their year to shine and enjoy all the benefits of being a senior in their school system. It is also their year to buckle down and decide

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The Lazy Days of Summer

Ah, the lazy days of summer are finally upon us. Swimming pools are in full use, picnic baskets are overflowing, and everyone is enjoying this beautiful time of year. Everyone has a list a mile long of gardening or household projects that they want to complete before the colder weather is upon us. Make sure

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Indiana FAFSA Deadline Fast Approaching

Do you know you need to complete the FAFSA but you are just waiting for the right day to do it? Today is the day to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to maximize your opportunity to qualify for Indiana Scholarships from the State of Indiana! The March 10, 2011 state filing deadline

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Making a list and checking it twice

Well, it’s a little late for the holiday naughty and nice list but it is exactly the right time to start thinking about the list of things you need to gather to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2011-12. The deadline to qualify for Indiana Grants and Scholarships from the State

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Sled into the New Year on the right path!

So, it is finally December. First semester classes are heading into finals week and Christmas break is right around the corner. Before you get lost in a cookie coma, make sure you have your financial aid on the right path for you to begin classes in January. If you are ringing in the 2011 year at

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The 2010-2011 countdown draws near. Is your financial aid in order?

Do your educational goals include earning an associates, bachelors, or graduate degree from the University of Indianapolis (UIndy)?    Are you planning to attend UIndy in the upcoming 2010-2011 academic year?  If so, then financial planning is probably top on your list of priorities; (if not, it should be!)  Regardless of where you are at in your educational

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