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CHS faculty to present at interdisciplinary diversity conference

Cross-Pollination(s) 2, “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Diversity,“ the second interdisciplinary conference at the University of Indianapolis, will take place on Friday, March 24, 2017. This day-long event is organized and hosted by the Interdisciplinary Advisory Council and Multicultural Engagement and Global Awareness (MEGA) Center at UIndy. Presenters from across the university, including the College of Health

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Gerontology professor presents on interdisciplinary collaboration and service-learning

Gerontology — the study of aging — is an interdisciplinary field that pulls from the fields of psychology, social work, public health and more. University of Indianapolis Associate Professor Dr. Lisa Borrero has recently used her interdisciplinary expertise and commitment to service-learning in presentations to other colleagues in higher education. In September 2016, Borrero and

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Interdisciplinarity: An Institutional Priority of UIndy’s Strategic Plan

UIndy’s 2030 Open Vision places strong emphasis on developing interdisciplinarity on campus. Here are the most prominent areas in which and through which interdisciplinarity is intended to emerge: Curriculum: (Greyhound Plan) Innovations conceived during the Vision 2030 strategic planning process are in the works: A “Greyhound Plan,” which will provide an integrated student experience from

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Creative Place-Making

Quite a number of campuses are embracing the idea of creative place-making, i.e., they use arts-driven collaborations on campus as integrative tools to advance university missions, to deepen interdisciplinary collaboration, and to spur innovative learning through actual creations of tangible educational assets. Pushing this approach a bit further, one crucial question arises: “What, then,  could

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