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Discover the Arts at the University of Indianapolis

Whether you are an aspiring artist, musician, or thespian, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a place at the University of Indianapolis. Our Art, Music, and Theatre programs offer the same great commitment to personal attention as our other academic programs. Each program's small class sizes, curriculum that exposes students

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Private Colleges in Indiana: Advertised Cost versus Actual Cost

It is no secret that the cost of a four-year college degree can be really expensive, and that the main difference between a public college and a private college usually lies in the cost of tuition. For these reasons, many students will dismiss the possibility of attending a private university. While the advertised cost of

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CSM 2012, Chicago, IL: Faculty Perspective

As I boarded the Megabus in downtown Indianapolis and headed to Chicago to attend the 2012 Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), I reminisced that this time last year, the Blizzard of 2011 hit Chicago and left many people and cars abandoned and stranded on Lake Shore Drive.  I was sure hoping the weather would be mild

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Location is important when looking at grad schools

The University of Indianapolis in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana is a great place to consider when looking at clinical psychology graduate programs.  The city of Indianapolis is the twelfth largest city in the US and the second largest city in the Midwest.  It is a thriving metropolis that has burgeoned with corporate growth, cultural

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End of the Semester Concerts

As the school year nears its completion, UIndy music students and staff gear up for a multitude of end-of-the-semester performances in the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center.  The rich diversity of music being showcased ranges in continent, culture, and stylings. Starting Monday April 12, the season finale of UIndy’s esteemed Faculty Artist Series will be presented

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PT study finds fitness benefit in dance games

PT study finds fitness benefit in dance games Interactive video stepping games like Dance Dance Revolution can be a fun addition to a productive fitness regimen, according to initial findings from a study at the University of Indianapolis’ Krannert School of Physical Therapy. Students in a research course  ran a six-week program in which 30

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Welcome to the University of Indianapolis School of Education Graduate Programs: Introduction to the Master of Arts in Teaching Program

According to the National Education Association, an historic change is taking place in America.  While K-12 student enrollments are growing, the pool of qualified teachers is shrinking as nearly one million of them approach retirement.  Other experts report as many as two million new teachers are needed over the next decade to keep pace with

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Occupational Performance Issues

Occupational Performance Issues and Predictors of Dysfunction in College Instrumentalists – UIndy professors and students publish recent research in Medical Problems of Performing Artists Music-related injuries among musicians, including younger musicians, have been well documented; however, minimal research has been completed with college-aged instrumentalists. The purpose of this research study was to describe the presence

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