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2015 Interdisciplinary Conference at UIndy

Get ready for the first Interdisciplinary Conference at UIndy in December 2015.

Here are the eight areas of investigation:

  • UIndy — Anchor of the Southside: Interdisciplinary Opportunities & Challenges within the 2030 Vision
  • UIndy – Interdisciplinary and Interprofessional? Distinct and Overarching Approaches to Research, Teaching and Service
  • UIndy – You Would Never Have Guessed: Unexpected Interdisciplinary Collaborations
  • UIndy – Beyond the Binary: Transgressing Disciplinary Boundaries toward a More Holistic Humanistic Inquiry
  • UIndy – An Animated, Creative Campus
  • UIndy – Gradations, Multiplicity and Mixture: Summer Research Institutes, Interdisciplinary Summer Camps, and Interdisciplinary Service Endeavors
  • UIndy – Designing Interdisciplinary Experiences
  • UIndy – Performing Interdisciplinarity

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