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CHS faculty engage in “Speed Data-ing”

Recently, a dozen faculty members from the University of Indianapolis College of Health Sciences (CHS) gathered for a Speed Data-ing session. Modeled after the popular dating events in which participants get to know several new people through brief, one-on-one visits, the CHS event was intended to encourage interprofessional collaboration.

Faculty from OT, PT and Athletic Training participating in speed "data-ing"“We wanted to bring CHS faculty from different professions and at different stages of their careers together to share research experiences, connect with others who have similar interests, and learn about research their colleagues are conducting,” said Dr. Stephanie Combs-Miller, director of research in the Krannert School of Physical Therapy.

Like speed dating, participants rotated among stations, with a short time to share information about their own research with another faculty member.

“It helped me gain some exposure to what others are doing and to understand if we have any similar interests,” said School of Occupational Therapy Associate Professor Dr. Lori Breeden. “Although it would have been nice to have a little more time – more like ‘slow dating,’ I would participate again.”

Combs-Miller will follow up with those who attended to learn if any research collaborations or even new ideas were sparked by the event. She said there is a possibility that Speed Data-ing could become an annual CHS faculty event.

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