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College Degree? What is Stopping You?

Have you thought about completing a college degree, but don't know where or how to begin? The School for Adult Learning (SAL)  at the University of Indianapolis can help. SAL has created a one-stop-shop for adult learners.  Follow these helpful steps and you will have a college degree which will lead to opportunities:

Step 1:  Contact Chelsea Ward, Admissions and Academic Advisor,  at or 317-781-5762  to schedule an individual advising session. Chelsea will explain the accelerated degree program for students 24 years of age or older. And, she will go over the Admissions Application with you. Students must have a high school transcript or GED to be admitted.

Step 2:  Complete the Admission Application and provide official transcripts from your high school (GED if applicable), and any colleges you have attended. There is a $20 application fee.

Step 3:  Schedule an appointment to register for classes.

Going back to school is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The SAL advisors are available day or evening hours to assist you. Once you are registered for classes, the SAL Financial Aid Representative will meet with you as you apply for financial aid. Financial aid is available and can cover the cost of tuition and books.

So, don't delay. Classes begin May 6th, June 17th, or August 26th. More information available at



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