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KSPT faculty scheduled to present at national conference

KSPT logoLater this month, when a large percentage of the nation’s physical therapists gather for their largest annual professional conference, the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting in San Antonio, TX, several faculty from the University of Indianapolis Krannert School of Physical Therapy will be on the docket as presenters.

Faculty presenters are listed in italics below:

Pre-Conference Course

TITLE: Moving Forward from IV STEP: Application of Key Themes
PRESENTERS: Kathy Martin, Kirsten Potter, Denise O’Dell, Kristen Johnson, Kendra Gagnon and Cathy Howes
SECTION: Pediatrics and Neurology
DATE/TIME: Tuesday-Wednesday, Feb. 14-15


TITLE: Creating a Culture of Clinical Education Excellence: Economic and Common Sense
PRESENTERS: Renee VanVeld, Lori Thorp, Kristin Roth, Stephanie Thorsen
SECTION: Education
DATE/TIME: Thursday, Feb. 16, 8-10am

TITLE: Resilience: Everyone Has It-What Will You do With Yours?
PRESENTERS: Anne Mejia-Downs
SECTION: Linda Crane Lecture
DATE/TIME: Thursday, Feb. 16, 3-5pm

TITLE: Connecting Educational Research to Theory and Concept: Lessons from JOPTE
PRESENTERS: Laurita Hack, Jan Gwyer, Vanina Dal Bello-Haas, Dennis Fell, Suzanne Gordon, Lorna Hayward, Stephanie Kelly, Yocheved Laufer, Patricia McGinnis, Laura Swisher, and Susan Wainwright
SECTION: Education
DATE/TIME: Friday, Feb. 17, 11am – 1pm


TITLE: Efficiency of NMES: Elicited force at a specific level of tolerance differs among waveforms
AUTHORS: James Bellew, Molly Allen, Austin Biefnes, Sarah Grantham, James Miglin, Dylan Swartzell
SECTION: Electro
DATE/TIME: Thursday, Feb. 16,

TITLE: Effects of community-based mobility training on physiological complexity of gait in people with chronic stroke
AUTHORS: Stephanie Combs-Miller, Eric Dugan, Morgan Downs, Nicole Jakubowicz, Rachel Noyes, Stephanie Wagner
SECTION:  Neurology
DATE/TIME: Saturday, Feb. 18, 12:45pm


TITLE: Physical Therapists’ Utilization of High Intensity Interval Training in Stroke Rehab in Central Indiana
AUTHORS: Dyer Diehl, Brett Carroll, Rachael Everingham, Joslyn Plumer
SECTION: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary
DATE/TIME: Thursday, Feb. 16, 1-3pm

TITLE: The Experiences of Physical Therapy and Nursing Students with an Interprofessional Learning Experience Involving an Acute Care Patient Simulation.
AUTHORSSteve Wiley, Alysha Clemens, Ashley Luhman
SECTION: Acute Care
DATE/TIME: Thursday, Feb. 16, 1-3pm

TITLE: What Factors Influence Long-Term Six Minute Walk Distance In Patients Who Have Undergone Lung Transplantation
AUTHORSAnne Mejia-Downs, Christen DiPerna, Rebecca Johnson, Cori Shank, Danielle Stillwell, Chadi Hage
SECTION: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary
DATE/TIME: Thursday, Feb. 16, 1-3pm

TITLE: Physiological Complexity of Gait on Different Terrains in People with Chronic Stroke
AUTHORS: Stephanie Combs-Miller, Eric Dugan, Kelli Conley, Thea Ison, Katie Mason
SECTION: Neurology
DATE/TIME: Friday, Feb. 17, 1-3pm

TITLE: Comparison of Cardiorespiratory Fitness between Regular Group Exercisers with and without Parkinson Disease
AUTHORS: William Meardith, Zachary Pigg, Lauren Porch, Samantha Sutter, Matthew Beekley, Stephanie Combs-Miller
SECTION: Neurology
DATE/TIME: Saturday, Feb. 18, 1-3pm

TITLE: Motor skill practice during play with children with Down syndrome:  a descriptive pilot study
AUTHORSKathy Martin, Mary Allen, Kyla Gogel, Hannah Kelzer, Lauren Moffett
SECTION: Pediatrics
DATE/TIME: Saturday, Feb. 18, 1-3pm