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Perspectives from MPS HR Student Zack Salaz

You probably have a lot in common with Zack Salaz. He works hard as a physical plant employee here at the University of Zack Salaz headshotIndianapolis. He has three kids at home; a five-, three-, and one-year-old. And he is looking to advance his career by pursuing a Master of Professional Studies in Human Resource Development & Administration.

Zack turned to the MPS program after completing an undergraduate degree in organizational leadership at UIndy. Zack shared his thoughts on being part of the first cohort studying HR Development & Administration.

The format fits in his life

The MPS program is designed with the working professional in mind. Classes meet once a week—Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. Some courses are offered in a hybrid format, meaning instruction is offered both in-class and online.

For my Foundations in Adult Learning course, we meet three times out of the 7.5 weeks we have. A lot of the work consists of online tasks that I can complete at my own pace within the deadlines given to me,” Zack explains.

The professors are there for you

Zack has his hands full with work, family, and class. He doesn’t deny that it can be tough at times.

“There are a lot of late nights, whether it’s homework, rocking the baby, or putting another one to bed,” Zack says.

Professors in the MPS program are working professionals in addition to educators, so they understand the juggling act students like Zack face.

“The professors are very understanding of the fact that I do have three kids, I do have a job. If I have a question they are on top of getting an answer back to me so I can utilize the time that I have,” Zack says.

The coursework is engaging from the first class

MPS students start their program with Foundational Ethics, giving them the philosophical base to make the tough decisions HR leaders face. Zack explains that real-life case studies were presented, and the class had to make a decision based on moral principles. He appreciates the discussions these case studies inspired.

“I just enjoyed how it was an eye-opening experience,” Zack says. “You thought that one course of action was correct, but then we explored other options and discussed the implications of each. It was just a great experience.”

In the end, Zack is looking forward to becoming an approachable advisor, an effective communicator, and perceptive motivator with the help of this program. If you would like to learn more about how the MPS in HR Development & Administration can fit into your life, contact Assistant Director for Enrollment Whitnie Shay at or 317.788.2004.