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Small School, Big Opportunities

This past Saturday, May 6, 2013, UIndy celebrated its annual Commencement in Nicoson Hall. The chosen speaker for the undergraduate ceremony was PBS broadcaster and author, Tavis Smiley, who offered the graduates an inspiring message to use their educational talents and skills as a way to tackle current issues that the nation is facing. A total of 428 graduate, and 849 undegraduate degrees were awarded.

So what's next for our newly graduated students? Some will venture out into the workplace, while others will start their graduate education. Whichever path they decide to take, we are confident that they will succeed. In a recent survey, 96% of UIndy grads said they felt prepared for their first job out of school, and 89% reported that they were able to find a job or placement into a graduate program within six months of graduating. But don't worry, we're not just making this up. UIndy students don't just learn inside a classroom, many of them gain real-world skills and experience through internships and summer job opportunities. Here are a few examples of what our students have done so far:

Donnie Strack (Class of '02, D.P.T. '05) Has been working as the director of medical services for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder since 2008. How did he land his dream job? A strong academic background, and attending school in a city that is big on sports certainly helped, but this UIndy grad would also attribute his success to the numerous opportunities for hands-on training that he received during his undergraduate years in the Athletic Training program. Of course, Donnie had even more opportunities to apply the skills he learned in the classroom as a graduate student at UIndy's Nationally ranked Krannert School of Physical Therapy.

Joey Myles (Class of '09, MBA '10) also took advantage of some great academic programs, internship opportunities, and even got to travel abroad. Now, he works as an auditor for the Department of Defense. Joey studied Accounting during his time at UIndy, and took advantage of the School of Business' Accelerated MBA , which allows students to complete their Bachelor's and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in five years. As part of the preparation students receive in this program, MBA candidates travel to different parts of the world each year to learn how business is done internationally. Joey got the chance to travel to Europe and South America. Like many UIndy students in different academic disciplines, Joey made sure to acquire some internship experience before completing both degrees.

At UIndy, students learn by doing. Many undegraduate and graduate programs encourage and promote local internship opportunities that allow students to put their classroom skills to practice in real-world experiences. The result? many students leave the university having completed at least one internship or work experience before they graduate, a unique characteristic that has proven to be beneficial when seeking that first job after college.

Want to read more about other big opportunities that are out there for a UIndy student? Check out our prospective student magazine, Inside UIndy.



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