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UIndy Health Pavilion faculty, staff, and students showcase research

The first annual UIndy Health Pavilion Scholarship Day, held on Friday, May 19, 2017, showcased research from nearly 20 faculty, staff, undergraduates, and graduate students.

Dr. Erin Fekete, School of Psychology, and Dr. Stephanie Combs-Miller, Krannert School of Physical Therapy, organized the event as a way to promote interprofessional learning and discussion.

“The Health Pavilion Scholarship Day is an event that Stephanie and I have been talking about since the Health Pavilion opened in 2015,” said Fekete. “We wanted to create an event that would allow faculty and students to showcase their research accomplishments and to facilitate collaborative relationships between faculty and students across the health science disciplines.”
Fekete said Gurinder Hohl, Director of the UIndy/Community Health Network Partnership, was integral in helping with implementation of the event, which was coordinated with the Community Health Network Research Conference, also held on campus the same day.

Undergraduate presentations

Undergraduate psychology student Kelly Johns received an award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research for her scholarly efforts on “The Effects of Grade Retention on Brazilian Adolescents.”

UIndy student Kelly Johns with Dean Anita Thomas

Johns was one of three undergraduate students presenting research. The other two were Jacob Bradshaw, who presented “Assessing University Undergraduate Student Engagement and Knowledge Regarding Advanced Care Directives,” and Karli LaGrotte, who presented “Belief in a Just World Among Brazilian Adolescents: Differences Across Age, Race, and Religion.

Graduate presentations 

Jennifer Lewis: “Effective Strategies to Influence Performance of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder within Inclusion Classrooms”

Drew Teague: “Reintegration and Transition following Active Duty: Identifying the Challenges for Veterans Returning from Deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq”

Margaret C. Collins: “Psychosocial Outcomes for Children of Same-Sex Parents”

Faculty and staff presentations

Research presentations in the UIndy Health PavilionKathy Martin (Physical Therapy): “Early Motor Development in Young Children with Down Syndrome”

Anne Mejia-Downs (Physical Therapy): “What Factors Influence Long Term Six Minute Walk Distance in Patients who have Undergone Lung Transplantation”

Tracy A. Marschall (Social Work): “Using Fiction and Non-Fiction to Teach Social Work Concepts”

Amie Wojtyna (Public Health): “Food Accessibility Behavior of South Indy Residents”

Beth Ann Walker (Occupational Therapy): “Identifying Effective Strategies in Occupational Therapy to Support Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and their Caregivers”

Steve Wiley (Physical Therapy): “The Experience of Physical Therapy and Nursing Students with Interprofessional Learning Experience Involving an Acute Care Patient Simulation”

Mindy Mayol (Kinesiology): “Factors that Predict Grit in Collegiate Athletes during the Competition Season”

Emily Slaven (Physical Therapy): “Quantification of the Changes in Gait as a Result of a Program of Manual Therapy and Exercise for Individuals with Hip Osteoarthritis”

Denise Ferrell (Nursing): “S.O.S (Students’ Optimal Success): A Model for Institutional Action to Support Minority Nursing Students”

Katie M. Polo (Occupational Therapy): “Interprofessional Collaboration with School Nurses to Support Children with Diabetes at School: A National Survey”

Ellen Burton (Center for Aging & Community): “Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Collaboratives: A Novel Approach to Nursing Home Quality Improvement”

Stephanie Combs-Miller (Physical Therapy): “Comparison of Cardiorespiratory Fitness between Regular Group Exercises with and without Parkinson Disease”

Kathryn L. Boucher (Psychology): “Implications of Treatment Outcomes for Depression on Perceived Players”



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