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UIndy’s MPS in Real Estate Development program helps Logan gain industry experience

The Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate Development is helping Logan Brougher pursue his passion.

After graduating from Indiana University, Logan Brougher took a job in the shipping and transportation industry. The job provided good experience, but his passion lay with real estate—Logan has held an Indiana realtor’s license since he was 19 years old.

Inspired to pursue his passion, Logan began researching graduate programs that could help him reach his goals. As the only program of its kind in Indiana, Logan soon found the Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate Development program at UIndy.

“I emailed the director of the program and he called me to talk about it an hour later,” Logan says. “I remember that really stuck out to me.”

Now in the fourth course of the two-year accelerated program, Logan appreciates the discussion-based format the classes have taken on.

“The instructors have been actual professionals in the field. Our first instructor was a commercial real estate broker and investment advisor,” Logan says. “He was able to provide many personal experiences with things actually happening in the market and properties he was managing.”

Industry connections are a hallmark of the UIndy Real Estate Development program. Shortly after beginning his studies, Logan landed a full-time paid internship with Greenstreet Limited, a strategic planning and real estate consulting company. He first networked with the company when an employee guest lectured in a class. When the School of Business sent out the job opening a few weeks later, Logan knew it was an excellent chance to break into the industry.

“I definitely wouldn’t have the found the opportunity had it not been for UIndy,” Logan says. “Strategic planning and real estate development internships are kind of hard to come by. I think the UIndy program was plugged into those opportunities and gave me a leg up.”

Logan hopes his current internship turns into a permanent position once he earns a diploma. Longer term, he plans on starting his own consulting firm—a career move that will allow him to focus on community economic development and sustainable real estate practices. For now, he will continue to develop his skills and build his network at the University of Indianapolis.

“UIndy is a small, tight-knit community, but there are a lot of resources available to students,” Logan says.

Contact enrollment counselor Benjamin Houston at or 317.788.3294 for more information on the MPS in Real Estate Development.